Palau is a magic place for me. After 4 visits it hasn't lost any of its attraction to me. The underwater world, the Rock Islands and the maritime lakes are pretty unique on the planet. And I met a lot of friends in Palau. Robert has been such a good friend over the years. With his positive vibrations it is hard not to like him. And when he is partying, then he really is! A lot of people I know from Palau, still have a place in my life. Somehow the magic of the beauty of Palau, is building up a connection. This is why people keep coming back.

Of course there is a downside. A lot of young people see the only chance for decent education in joining the American forces (as a citizen of Palau you are allowed to). This is really sad. The political system is run by very few people. Very questionable to my opinion (as far I can evaluate this). The treatment of the Filipino Workforce is due to improvement in a lot of cases.

There is not a lot I can do to change this, and as a guest in a country you have to take it as it is.

The beauty of the nature is unbeatable to me.